How do you view sin?

Hey everybody. I hope you are all having a great day today and you continue to have great days ahead. As I was reading my chapter today, I came across a verse that reminds me to never look the other way at sin.

“Can a man embrace fire and his clothes not be burned? Can a man walk on burning coals without scorching his feet?” Proverbs 6:27-28

Hcsb Bible.

If I were to ask you how you view sin, if you were a Bible believing Christian then you would probably say that you hate sin and try your best not to sin. Now, I’m not saying everyone says one thing and does another but how many of us actual see sin in us or in others and doesn’t confront it?

It’s really easy sometimes to see sin in others(pride, lying, lust, gossip, etc…) and then either talk about it or even confront them about it. It’s a whole other thing to see the sin festering in your own life and then confronting it. No matter how small or big the sin is, it can damage you.

Just like the verse says that one can’t embrace fire without getting burned, we can’t embrace or give a wink to our sin without it damaging our lives temporarily or permanently. Sin no matter what, gives a foothold for Satan to come into our lives and we need to confront sin and then either eliminate it or run away from the temptation to sin like Joseph did in Genesis 39.

So how do we confront sin because sometimes we don’t always notice it because we’ve become callous and blind to it?

Well, we of course read the Bible and study it and it will usually confront us about our sin since it will shine a light on it and will convict us. Another way is to ask our family and friends that are mature in the faith to try and hold us accountable because they can see you from an outside perspective.

This will sting but God can even use the people you don’t really like to correct you in your sin. They may not mean well for you but they can be right every now and then to help you change your direction back to God.

This means that we need to be humble in our lives to know we aren’t perfect and will need to lash out when criticized but rather be humble and quite to hear their correction and reflect to see if our lives and actions are in line with Gods will for our lives.

This is really hard to do by ourselves and this is where God comes in again. We need to pray and ask him to humble us and to keep us accountable. It because in our own power we can only do so little but with God, we can do anything that’s in the will of God.

So this verse reminded me that I need to be aware of my sin and confront it or it will burn me and damage my life and testimony. Then be humble when God sends others to correct my sin. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a great day.

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Just an average guy that loves Jesus, football and wanting to learn more about God everyday. I post my devotions and lessons on here to gather my thoughts together. So if I make a mistake, tell me and if you know places where I can learn more, tell me that too. I hope y’all have a great day.

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