Are you with the Saints?

Hey everyone. I hope this finds you well. Today we’re going over Romans 1:7. So before we continue, I am not talking about the Saints like the Catholic Church views them. I’m also not talking about the NFL team either. I’m actually a Dallas Cowboys fan( please don’t shoot me lol). I am talking about how the Bible uses the word.

Before we get into the rest of the article, we need to understand where we are at in the Letter. The first 6 verses are Paul introducing who he is, the purpose for which he’s writing(to help bring about obedience to the faith). This verse is for whom the letter is written to though.

Back then, when writing a letter, the author would introduce himself, state what the letter is for, who this letter is meant for and then the body of the letter follows later. Then of course the conclusion.

It’s very similar to how you were taught in school how to write a letter but a little different from the way the western world writes letters. In the western world, we will start out with saying who it’s for by saying something like “dear (put the intended person here”. Then we will have the body of the letter and then end with something like “sincerely (insert the authors name)”.

“To all who are in Rome, loved by God, called as saints. Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Romans 1:7

Hcsb Bible

So naturally when reading this, we need to first understand what each of the words mean in the context by which the author wrote them. So when we think of someone that is called a ‘Saint’, What do you think of? Do you think of a perfect person? Do you think of someone that has entered ‘enlightenment’ as some call it? Do you have to be dead before you are called a saint like how the Catholic Church sees it?

Well to understand and narrow down what this word means, we need to look at Paul’s other writings.

Are Saints people that are perfect? This is not the case since Paul even calls those that live in Corinthian church Saints, even though one of them was sleeping with his fathers wife. Ya, not exactly man of the year there. Do you have to be ‘enlightened’? This is not the case since later on in almost all the letters, we see cases where Paul is teaching more theology to them. So if they were enlightened, they wouldn’t need to learn from someone else. Definitely not from someone that calls himself the chief of sinners.

Also, Saints does not mean that you have to be dead before you become a saint either. The reason being is that Paul is writing to people that were still alive and expected to come and meet them.

So what does it mean? He is directly referencing the Christians that live in Rome. Now that may come as a ‘duh’ moment to some, but for those that have never read the Bible, it may not. This is just a small note that I noticed. But after almost each reference to the Saints in whatever church he’s writing to, he always refers to God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Two of the three in the trinity. In this letter, he references three since he referred to the spirit of holiness earlier.

So what should we do with this information? Well, we should try our best to live up to being called Saints. We should believe in the Trinity and other foundational beliefs of a true Christian. We should live out our lives to mirror that of Jesus, in that we are set apart and singled out for his cause. Take pride(not sinful, boastful) in being called a Christian or saint for being called a Christians means loosely “like Christ”.

Make that word mean something by the way you live. Don’t muddy it down by living like the world. And if you are having problems with doing that, you can comment below or message me and I’ll respond when I can. I hope y’all are having a great day.

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