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We are jumping again a few chapters in our study. With all of the chaos and weird things happening in the world, we have got off of what we should be focusing on.

“If possible, on your part, live at peace with everyone.”

Romans 12:18

Hcsb Bible

Earlier today, I had a conversation with one of my fellow co workers who is black about the climate in the United States. I’m white by the way. Then this verse popped up in my head. I ended up asking him, since he believes there is systemic racism prevalent in the United States, what he would propose to fix the problem.

This conversation brought me to the realization that we all need to do this on a national, world and even individual level.

We can talk about the problem as long as we can, but if we don’t come to any real solutions then we are being very immature. This is like whenever you have a kid that had someone insult him, and even after it’s either been solved or it no longer affects him, the kid still whines and stomps their feet to bring attention to them. They want to keep the attention like children.

We can argue over how bad of a problem something is, but if we don’t talk about and implement a solution then we are wasting our time and breath. Of course most problems can be solved with an apology or some kind of money given to the offended party(in small instances), but when a group says that there is a huge problem in society. Well that requires at least the conversation of how we go about fixing the said problem.

That is how we go about living in peace with our fellow man. We do it by showing mutual respect and talking about what can realistically be done to correct the offense.

Now for those that have solutions in mind, speak up and I applaud you. But for those that only scream that there is a problem and don’t bring any solutions. I rebuke you with almost the highest fury. Either you are ignorant, immature, virtue signaling, or at worst being profiteers of the suffering of others.

So at the end of the day, live at peace with your fellow man. Address the specific problems between your fellow peers and find a reasonable solution that respects both sides

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3 thoughts on “Find solutions

      1. I agree I’m getting tired of just finger pointing; on my facebook I’ve been trying to post suggestions and solutions; I feel its more productive and even if someone suggests its not a good idea I feel the mood is different since its working on solutions rather than accusations


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