Why go to Church?

Though I posted a few hours ago about finding a solution to our problems, we will continue in Romans 1. So as I’m reading through the book or Romans, this verse stuck out to me and opened up my eyes to something that I know was wrong but didn’t identify until now.

“For I want very much to see you, so I may impart to you some spiritual gift to strengthen you, that is, to be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine.”

Romans 1:11-12

Hcsb Bible.

So that y’all know, though I’ve been going through the Bible and posting at least 2 to 5 times a week, I’ve noticed that I’ve not been as joyful as usual. It’s been easier for me to become irritated lately for some reason(which is a monster that I’ve always fought since it’s my natural inclination). At first I thought it was because this was an election year, or that I’m constantly seeing fighting on Facebook and so it was unclenching me. But after reading this passage, I believe I have found out what’s wrong.

It’s that in this time of chaos all over the world, not just my country but several have locked down people everywhere. Some don’t even allow church to happen at all. In my state, we just started opening up and allowing churches to have service indoors last week. Even though we were separated by pews and a lot of them wore masks, it felt great and invigorating to be in the presence with fellow believers and being able to talk to and have fellowship with them.

Of course You could say that I have fellowship at my night job, but there is a major difference between having fellowship with those that believe the same as you in your church and those that you have very little in common. Not to say I hate my coworkers, but we generally land on opposite sides of issues a lot.

The reason why this made such a huge difference with me and I know others, is because we as humans are social creatures. I actually have a little idea that if people had not been isolated for months on end, that we wouldn’t have nearly as many riots in the streets. I assume a lot of people that go to these riots and protests is be they see it as way to fellowship(though a little different than intended).

So to get back to the verse though, Paul is telling the Roman church that he has been yearning to be with them and have fellowship with them. He’s repeatedly tried to, despite obstacles being in the way. His purpose is to give them spiritual gifts and to encourage them and they to encourage himself.

So what’s the purpose of having church and fellowship? One is to learn from the scriptures(though you should be doing that at home too), and two is to have fellowship. To hangout, to encourage and strengthen one another.

When we don’t get to have fellowship with fellow believers, we are more prone to sin, anger and to fall away from the faith. This is seen in my own life and obviously in those people that say “I don’t need church”.

So go to church this Sunday, this Wednesday, or whatever day that you are able to have services. Not just for the sermon or lesson, but for the fellowship. Don’t treat it as if it’s a throwaway activity. Treat it as if it is essential, because it is.

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