Are you justified?

Hey everyone. I hope you are having a great day or night depending where in the world you live. A lot of people hate God for multiple reasons. One of the reasons is that they think he just sends them to hell to be in torment for all of eternity. Well when people bring this up, let’s look to the scriptures to determine if that is the case

“They are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. God presented Him as a propitiation through faith in His blood, to demonstrate His righteousness, because in His restraint God passed over the sins previously committed. God presented Him to demonstrate His righteousness at the present time, so that He would be righteous and declare righteous the one who has faith in Jesus.”

Romans 3:24-26

Hcsb Bible

So when looking at this passage, ‘they’ is referring to anyone that accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior. And Paul(the author or Romans) uses the word justified and we have to ask, what are they justified from? Justified can be summed into being made right or corrected so what were we as Christians made right from?

The point of the matter is that if we look up one verse earlier, it says that all of us have sinned and missed the mark and made mistakes that were not justified or right. These sins or mistakes aren’t just slap of the wrist the way we look at a little slip up cuss word that comes out of our mouth.

Sins when it comes to God are what separates you from him. The reason is that the presence around him requires whoever is in it to be perfect. The same way that when one is interviewing for a job in the United States government, they look to make sure you haven’t committed any felonies. Or at least how it’s suppose to go.

So when it comes to sin, it’s a big deal because it’s what separates us from God. so then Paul says he sent himself as Jesus to die on the cross for us to show his righteousness. So why would sending himself to suffer for our mistakes make him righteous?

The reason being is that because he is Holy and perfect, he is also a perfect judge. It would be great for everyone involved if he just allowed us into heaven because we would feel great and he doesn’t want us to be separated from him. But the problem is that someone has to suffer the consequences of the wrongs that have been committed or he wouldn’t be a perfect judge. It would be the same situation if a judge let his son get off free for murder because he loved him. We know this would be evil and would make the judge an evil one even though we understood his motivations.

The wrongs of the world have to be paid for. So he sent himself to die for our sins to be our substitution for us. In the case of the lawyer, the father that’s the lawyer then would take his sons place in prison or on death row. This of course only works if the judge was in control of everything like God is.

Then when we get to heaven, we are given Jesus’s righteousness over us when God looks at us. He doesn’t see our sin but rather Jesus’s sacrifice.

Of course this doesn’t mean that we won’t suffer from the consequences of sin in this world. We will still have to experience them, but we won’t be separated from God and have peace and love forever. Just like in the lawyer and murderer scenario before, even though the son may not be in prison because his father took his place, he still has to live with the consequences. People will treat him differently and any other different situations that come with getting off free.

So I have to ask you. Are you justified? Are you righteous through Jesus? Or have you rejected him and decided to go to prison(hell)? The choice is yours. God took yours and my punishment. Now it’s our choice if we decide to accept it. God doesn’t send you to hell, you choose to go when God did everything other than grabbing your hand and dragging you to heaven against your will.

If anyone has any questions, just comment below and I’ll respond when I can. I hope all of you are growing closer to God and having a great day.

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Just an average guy that loves Jesus, football and wanting to learn more about God everyday. I post my devotions and lessons on here to gather my thoughts together. So if I make a mistake, tell me and if you know places where I can learn more, tell me that too. I hope y’all have a great day.

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      1. I’m fatigued from consecutive late nights study to write and do sermon prep since Saturday; today I’m going slow to recover


      2. There was a bit more discussions I had with people that ate into my normal study time; though its been happening more regularly since the virus as people want to talk more, text more, and chat more. This virus does affect people; then there’s questions people have about politics too


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