Why I’ve been gone for a bit.

Hey everyone. It’s me again. I was about to fall asleep but I felt compelled to make this little post. I haven’t really been active on here much in recent months and that’s not my intent but as I see that a few people here and there have seen my content on here and may be wondering why I’m not active as much.

Well here’s a summary of this year. I ended up leaving the guard and the pursuit of being a chaplain for the military after thinking that was my calling for 7 to 8 years. I was still at the church as a part time youth pastor and I believed that was where God wanted me to be the most in this season of life and I believed this year was going to be one of spiritual revival for our church and that our church was going to continue to grow as it had been for the past few months. Boy was I wrong and God made sure I remembered the beginning of the year. Our church ended up disbanding this year because of financial issues and decreased attendance due to Covid.

There was no internal or external conflicts with the church. It wasn’t toxic. We were actually growing and then Covid hit and we disbanded and there went my job as a part time youth pastor out the window. So there goes another path that I thought God was leading me that kinda blew up in my face this year.

Then at the same time I had to reduce my hours at my main job and pick up a different job. That wasn’t all bad since I’m able to spend a little more time with my wife since I did that a month ago but it’s also a little less money.

So at this point, my wife and I have been looking into a new church to call our own and I believe we may have found one. But as I try to lead my family and anyone else that looks up to me, I’m stuck trying to figure out what God actually wants me to do with my life in particular.

Yes I know that I need to read the word, pray and be in fellowship with fellow believers in a local body. The basics I believe I have down but I feel that God is calling me for something that I’m not doing yet and I honestly don’t know what that is yet.

Does he still want me to teach kids still? Does he want me to go and get my masters in social work? Find something else?

What is my passion or something that I can do that I would love to do and still have it as a job or possible future endeavor? I honestly don’t know at this point. If anyone knows of a way to help me find that out, comment below please.

In any case, that’s why I haven’t been active on here recently. I have been focusing a little bit on myself (possibly too much) and I honestly sometimes don’t feel qualified to post much on here.

Published by Mtclark2014

Just an average guy that loves Jesus, football and wanting to learn more about God everyday. I post my devotions and lessons on here to gather my thoughts together. So if I make a mistake, tell me and if you know places where I can learn more, tell me that too. I hope y’all have a great day.

7 thoughts on “Why I’ve been gone for a bit.

  1. Good to hear from you after some time. Wow seems like you are in a crossroad point in more ways than one. Sad to hear of the church closing still; please keep me posted about your direction and walk in the Lord, enjoyed your blog very much


    1. Thanks. I still plan on every now and then posting but right now I am trying to figure out what I actually like to do as a person. Like some people love to draw, others gaming, building stuff. I honestly don’t know what I actually enjoy doing since it seems that I just did what was the most practical thing to do at the time. And yes I like to teach people Gods word but I’m not sure I’m qualified really to teach them. Not because of any sin problems but rather a feeling for some reason and that I feel the teacher needs to be more qualified than what I have. So right now I am figuring out what one of my hobbies might be. I’m not sure. I feel like this is weird to do at 25 but hey. It’s where I’m at at the moment. So if you could, please pray about that and ask for God to lead me somehow.

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  2. Thanks for sharing about your week, among other things too. Wow hope you get some rest somehow after your shifts. When you said Facebook, I’m assuming you are talking about the “Veritas Domain” page?

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