Qualities to avoid in a friend. Part 5

As we continue to go through this series on qualities to avoid, a common theme is starting to emerge. That theme is that God Hates evil and sin because he himself is perfect and without blemish. He is the alpha and omega and he wants his children( us as believers) to be like him in that we are not tainted with evil.

Of course, he knows we are sinners and therefore he sent his son to come down and die for us to get to heaven and then to sanctify and purify us. Even after we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we can still sin and therefore we need to be careful who we let into our personal lives because it can lead us astray.

“The Lord hates six things; in fact, seven are detestable to Him: arrogant eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that plots wicked schemes, feet eager to run to evil,” Proverbs 6:16-18

Hcsb Bible

For us to be pure in heart and sin free, we can’t be having close friends that constantly run towards evil. Now understand this, we all participate in evil when we sin but some actively look for it instead of being tempted by it and then succumbing to it.

It says that they have feet eager to run towards evil. This means that they are planning it out and are actively trying their best to make it happen as fast as possible. An example of this would be that some in culture say that you need to be drunk or have sex before marriage in order to be a man or woman instead of being a boy that hasn’t had those things.

Another example is when the friend of yours has an idea of fun that is at the expense of someone else. It could be vandalizing someone’s property, gossip that may or may not be true, sabotaging someone else’s goals in ‘good fun’, or just harassing them and saying that they don’t have a sense of humor if they don’t like it or get mad at them for it. In reality, this isn’t good clean fun but rather evil disguised as fun.

There are multiple reasons why this is terrible since we are all equal and made in the image of God and so why would you look eagerly and run to degrade someone else. Another thing is that, if they do that someone else and their life, what’s stopping them from doing it to you. Sure, you can say that they wouldn’t do it to you since you’re their friend but friends can turn to enemies at the drop of hat with certain people and then you are open game for their ‘good fun’.

Of course, there are other examples of someone running towards evil but these are just a couple. Remember though, anything that is in violation or not in line with what the Word of God says, is evil. So if you see someone running and trying to do something against Gods word with excitement then you should avoid it.

And if it’s you that is running towards it( it used to be me as well), then I beg you to admit your wrongdoing and turn towards God and the Bible. Pray for guidance and direction and grab someone that’s mature in the faith to help mentor you.

Thank you for reading and if anyone wants to talk about this or has any questions or disagreements, leave a comment or message me. I’ll respond as quickly as possible. I hope you have a great day

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