What are your Godly desires?

Have you ever had a desire that you believe God has put on your heart? It’s either to preach the Gospel, or start a new organization for the vulnerable, or whatever the new passionate desire is that God has put on your heart. You definitely know that God has put a passion in you that you just can’t deny. Of course it is a biblical and not your selfish desire obviously.

But you keep getting thwarted from accomplishing that goal or desire. For some reason something gets in the way each and every time. And for some of you, it might come natural as to why obstacles keep getting thrown in your way between you and the desire that God put on your heart.

“Now I want you to know, brothers, that I often planned to come to you (but was prevented until now ) in order that I might have a fruitful ministry among you, just as among the rest of the Gentiles.”

Romans 1:13

Hcsb Bible

Of course it is easy to ask that question and there may be several reasons why. From changing your character, testing you, to the works of Satan are fighting you, or even your own sins. It could be a few different reasons and Paul saw this same thing happen to him on multiple occasions.

Paul wanted to desperately visit Rome in order to have fellowship as seen in my last post, but also to grow that church and bring more to Christ there. The same as he has done on his other missionary journeys. Of course this a great desire that he has, but he keeps getting stopped. Either by being in prison, obligations to other churches, to ship wrecks.

But if you read through the book of Acts, you see that he eventually gets to visit Rome. Not as he originally wanted probably, since he was a prisoner both times. Not the best of circumstances obviously. But he did accomplish his goal. Paul prayed that he would be sent to Rome and God allowed that to happen.

Then God used him mightily during his time in Prison there. He wrote 4 of the letters that we read today and just to understand the massive part that is. He only wrote 14 letters that are in the Bible that we have today and 4 of them he wrote while in Rome as a prisoner.

He also got to witness to plenty of the Roman leaders(the imperial guard) while in prison(look at Philippians 1). There is no telling the ramifications of not just his letters that he wrote but also the guards that he got to witness to as a captive audience.

It just goes to show you two things. Be careful what you pray for, and that God can use your greatest persecutions for your greatest blessings.

If anyone has any questions or disagreements, just comment below and I’ll respond when I can. I hope y’all have a great day.

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Just an average guy that loves Jesus, football and wanting to learn more about God everyday. I post my devotions and lessons on here to gather my thoughts together. So if I make a mistake, tell me and if you know places where I can learn more, tell me that too. I hope y’all have a great day.

10 thoughts on “What are your Godly desires?

  1. “Be careful of what you pray for” got me laughing 😂😂😂
    Purpose and desire often outweighs fear. We anticipate challenges but we just don’t know in what form it will come. But if we imagine the worse we would probably not fulfill the great commission.

    Thanks for the encouragement
    Blessings 💜🌷

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    1. I’m glad I was able to encourage you even a little. Also thanks for following. If you ever have any questions or disagreements, comment and I’ll gladly talk about. Also if you have any topics you would like me to go over. 🙂

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