Are you wise or foolish?

So as I’m going through my social media sites, I keep coming across people that seem very arrogant. They think that they know everything and can’t take any constructive criticism. Have you ever been confronted with someone like that? Well you probably have and the Bible talks about it.

“Claiming to be wise, they became fools”

Romans 1:22

Hcsb Bible

So before this verse, Paul talks about how after denying Gods glory in his creation, that their mind starts to become senseless. They don’t think with logic or their heart takes over. This is what happens when people go away from God.

After they deny God, they believe they are enlightened and are above those “religious knuckledraggers” as they call us. This especially happens after someone from a semi religious home/community decides to go to a very liberal college and then ‘become’ atheist after listening to their professors. Afterwards, they look down at the people from their hometown and think they are stupid.

The problem here is that obviously they’re wrong. I’ve been to college and have my bachelors in psychology/counseling and if there is very many Christians conservatives in that field, I haven’t found too many. I was in constant discussions with my left leaning and atheistic professors.

With a lot of people, they go to college and take the professor at their word and believe everything they say and are then brainwashed. I’m glad that even though my biological father is an atheist, he drilled into my head to think for myself. I examine everything I believe, I dive for the truth. A lot of parents haven’t done that with their children.

So then they become foolish and believe the lies that God doesn’t exist and then live a life of sin which then brings more chaos, confusion and pain than if they would just examine the scriptures and find the truth by living it out. They also become fools by not listening to reason but rather letting emotional arguments take over the truth in their eyes and they then make bad decisions.

So at the end of the day, examine the scriptures and accept the truth of Jesus Christ. Don’t be brainwashed by anyone you hear just because they may have a fancy title or several degrees.

One important reason is that those degrees could be in worthless ones, or they could have passed barely. Remember you can get a degree and still have no idea of what you’re talking about since they’re a good test taker. I know because I saw the people I graduated with.

The truth of Jesus Christ humbles us whereas the rejection of Jesus makes us arrogant. So dive for the truth in Jesus Christ.

If anyone has any questions or disagreements, comment below and I’ll respond when I can. I hope you have a great day.

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Just an average guy that loves Jesus, football and wanting to learn more about God everyday. I post my devotions and lessons on here to gather my thoughts together. So if I make a mistake, tell me and if you know places where I can learn more, tell me that too. I hope y’all have a great day.

30 thoughts on “Are you wise or foolish?

  1. The answer to arrogance, however, is not counter-arrogance. If someone is so confident that they are wise and right, the proper response is not to claim to be wiser and righter.

    Rather, arrogance is properly countered by humility and openness. Am I open to the possibility of being mistaken? As long as that question is closed off, there is only counter-arrogance.

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    1. There is always the possibility that I could be wrong about anything. I am human after all. So if you think I am wrong about anything in particular, say so and bring evidence and I’ll see if it convinces me. I’ve done my research and from what I’ve seen, I know what I believe.


      1. It is difficult to address generalities, so maybe we could look at an example. Is evolutionary biology an example of something you believe professors are brainwashing students with?


      2. For the most part in this post, I was referencing more so that the professors were brainwashing their students politically as well as being against religion. I am completely for science and the Bible isn’t against it. I am for micro evolution since we have seen it actually occur and know how it works. Macro evolution is where I am against. For one, no one has ever seen it happen. There have been changes throughout history. For example, the average human is a little taller than we were a couple hundred years ago, but we are still human. Second the Bible talks about how God created everything according to their own kind which you can see not just in humans but also in the animal kingdom. Third, the Bible teaches that we didn’t evolve from some other creature but rather was created by God himself using the dirt and breathing life into us. There are scientists on both sides of the isle between creationism and evolution. They have the same materials to look at it, but the worldview by which you look at it does affect how you then make your conclusions.

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  2. There are a number of robust evidence-based refutations of the so-called microevolution/macroevolution distinction. One I would recommend is found in “Finding Darwin’s God” by Kenneth Miller, a biology professor and practicing Christian. I’ve uploaded a pdf of the book for you:

    Specifically it is addressed on p107 in a section called “Macro and Micro”. (I would recommend reading the whole book, though.)

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      1. Did you get the pdf? If it expired before you got it then I can re-upload. The section in question is less than four pages. (Note the starting page of 107 is the printed book page number, while the corresponding pdf page number is 116.)


      2. I’m not sure it expired or not. Might as well send it again. My apologies, I’ve been dealing with a death in the family while also getting ready for a few events with my church lately. So I haven’t been able to. Also, is it free to use the link? Lol


      1. I might start posting my blogs on my Facebook page if you think they’re good enough. I’ve already started posting them on my Parler account but I’m not sure anyone has clicked on it from there yet.

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      2. Strange; how about what I just clicked on your Parler “Is God a Racist?” does it show up on your stats a hit from Parler or still doesn’t?


    1. Thanks for the link. I uploaded and will get to eventually reading all of it. I read a few of the pages. So I’m not saying that macro evolution is going from species to species but rather kind to kind as said in Genesis. We don’t exactly have a word to translate ‘kind’ into our modern viewing of the Animal kingdom. Some have tried to say its species and then other things. I completely agree with micro evolution since it’s been observed. For example, we are taller now then 400 years ago. Just like the bacteria in the lab experiment that mutated to be able to live in oxygen. But they were still a kind of bacteria. Just like we are still a kind of human. So again thank you for telling me about this book and I will read it. But I need to ask you a question if you are willing to talk about it. With the theory of evolution, how do you reconcile that generations of death before sin entered the world through Adam and Eve? Not accusing you, just wanting your answer.


  3. My best suggestion would be to read the book and see if it answers your concerns. Considering the issues you raise, you are exactly the target audience.

    I’d like to address your question in broad terms through an analogy.

    Suppose you encounter someone who is convinced the earth is flat (I’ll assume you hold the conventional view of a spherical earth). Fortunately, however, he admits the possibility of being mistaken and says evidence could convince him otherwise (unlike many flat earth believers). And fortunately, a scientist wrote a book refuting the major points that flat earthers make. So you give the book to the flat earther.

    But the flat earther comes back with a challenge: how do you justify a spherical earth when the Bible clearly states there are “ends of the earth” (Job 28:24, Job 37:3, Job 38:13, Isaiah 43:6) and “four corners of the earth” (Isaiah 11:12, Revelation 7:1)?

    Unsurprisingly, the flat earther is able to refute (at least in his mind) every method you provide of interpreting those Bible passages in a non-flat-earth context. So without looking at the evidence, the flat earther feels vindicated and, in light of this, will likely continue not looking at the evidence.

    But the bottom line is that your ability to interpret the Bible to the flat earther’s satisfaction has nothing to do with the underlying reality of what shape the earth is, nor with the evidence thereof.

    People interpret the Bible in different ways according to their understanding of evidence. There are various reasons for believing the earth is spherical despite the Bible mentioning “ends of the earth” and “four corners of the earth”, but those reasons only apply if one accepts the earth is spherical in the first place.

    In a way it’s about which direction interpretation should follow. Do we begin with evidence and interpret the Bible in accordance with the evidence? Or do we begin by assuming we have the one and only “correct” interpretation of the Bible, and then accept or reject evidence according to that one and only “correct” interpretation? In my view, the latter is a form of arrogance.


      1. OK, well I said that I’m assuming you believe it is spherical. Did you possibly misread my last comment? You are in the role of a spherical-earther talking to a flat-earther. There is an unspoken analogy being made.

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  4. Because I think the analogy is a good one, permit me to expand on it.

    Why *should* a flat earther look at the evidence for a globe earth with an open mind and with the understanding that he could be mistaken?

    Seriously, what could possibly be in it for him? In being a flat earther, he is able to rank himself among the most enlightened individuals in the world, having grasped an astounding truth that very few others have grasped, relative to the population of the earth.

    Why should he invest time and energy learning about the evidence for a spherical earth when all that will do is threaten to knock him off his perch?


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