Why go to Church?

Though I posted a few hours ago about finding a solution to our problems, we will continue in Romans 1. So as I’m reading through the book or Romans, this verse stuck out to me and opened up my eyes to something that I know was wrong but didn’t identify until now. “For I wantContinue reading “Why go to Church?”

What’s your reputation?

Have you ever heard rumors? Of course you have. Some are good, some are bad, while others are completely fake and have no part in truth. When deciding where you want to go to church, work, live, etc…, you ask around and ask your friends and family what they have heard about (whatever you areContinue reading “What’s your reputation?”

Are you with the Saints?

Hey everyone. I hope this finds you well. Today we’re going over Romans 1:7. So before we continue, I am not talking about the Saints like the Catholic Church views them. I’m also not talking about the NFL team either. I’m actually a Dallas Cowboys fan( please don’t shoot me lol). I am talking aboutContinue reading “Are you with the Saints?”

They need it too!

If you were to have great news that could save a life, would there be anyone that you would be hesitant to tell it to? For some people, the answer unequivocally is yes. It’s usually someone that has hurt them in some way. Either physically, emotionally, psychologically. And even in some cases, it’s only becauseContinue reading “They need it too!”

Do you follow the declaration?

There have been countless examples of declarations throughout history. From individual ones that we make when changing our lives, to new nations declaring their independence such as the United States and of course others. There is also declarations from sub groups of a population about certain topics. Some examples are from the Pro life ChristiansContinue reading “Do you follow the declaration?”